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Interested in immersive technology , but still too little insight into the possibilities and why this investment will pay off? Take a look at some concrete examples we have realized over the past few years of how to implement VR in your business. Companies like BASF, Syntra and Colruyt Group were already ahead of you. But certainly don't be put off. We want to make XR applications accessible to any type of organization , large or small.

Safety  BASF

Without safety training, entering a process plant – operating at full speed – is like entering a minefield. In addition, it is very expensive to shut down a plant in case of problems. That’s why good safety training is crucial.

Gienie platform is used for this VR Training since it provides a very fluent dynamic between the student in VR and the trainer who is actively present in the experience through our software on his laptop.

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Hard skill Altrad

Altrad is a giant within the industrial sector. Their range of machinery is enormous. For both new and experienced employees, it is often a matter of finding out how the various machines work.

The Gienie platform provides the solution by offering a complete dashboard where the trainers can see the results of the students and track them over time. Furthermore they also have the possibility to edit the questions of the quizzes.

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Soft skill Colruyt

The customer is king. That’s true. But how do you deal with angry customers? It’s an art to react diplomatically, but it’s also a soft skill you can learn.

The Gienie platform provided technology for non-lineair storytelling in VR. This way the student is put in a very realistic interactive training environment. Furthermore our livestream feature makes sure that the trainer can follow and manage the whole training session.

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