XR Training 

Gienie makes Extended Reality (XR) trainings scalable and affordable for companies. Gienie is a platform to provide 360° video solutions to customers in a cost-efficient way. This allows us to build complex VR training courses in a relatively short period of time without the need for custom software development. In addition, the Gienie platform includes a dashboard where clients can make their own content changes to the training.

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Gienie provides a very easy Content Management System to edit the content of your experiences. It also always us to create affordable trainings 3x faster than our competitors. 


Trainings have a great dynamic between students and teacher. Gienie provides easy Desktop Software so that the teacher can connect with the students while training.


Gienie allows you to manage all your content and user data. This way you are always up to date about the latest usage of your XR trainings.

Soulmade x Gienie

Our agency Soulmade has already created dozens of XR Training for a wide range of companies.
But XR trainings can easily become expensive and difficult to use.
That's why we created the Gienie platform.

Gienie helps us to create complex and social XR trainings 3x faster that basic agencies.
Furthermore Gienie provides the tools to help the integrations of the training in your workflow.

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