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Gienie provides an easy configurator to create and edit XR experiences.


Gienie makes XR easy-to-use and lets users interact in an unique way.


Gienie helps by providing an overview of all your content and hardware

Use cases

Altrad employee experience


It is very important to know how to use various machines in a save way. Soulmade created a virtual reality training where students get their safety knowledge tested.

The Gienie Platform saves the performance of every student so they have proof that Altrad makes a lot of effort to educate their employees. 

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Hardskill training: BASF

Without safety training, entering a processing plant is like entering a minefield. This is why we created a Virtual Reality safety training where employees have to recognise dangerous situations and react to them.

Thanks to the Gienie Platform the trainer and students can interact and the trainer still plays a central role.

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Cegeka virtual company tour

Cegeka was looking for a solution to showcase their high security data centers without losing contact with prospects or clients.

The Gienie platform provided a solution because multiple users can easily go into the same session and interact. Thanks to Gienie they don't only have a virtual, but also a social experience.

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